New Nordic from Junckers

New Nordic from Junckers

Developed in response to the growing demand for light-coloured wooden floors, Junckers’ PreLak Nordic primer adds new interest to the natural colouration of raw timber.

PreLak Nordic is a subtle, white-pigmented stain best suited to lighter wood species such as ash, oak, beech, maple or pine which has been sanded and prepped. The semi-transparent primer gives wooden floors a white colourwash whilst leaving the attractive structural grain patterns, which occur naturally in the timber to show through for a natural look.

One or more coats can be applied to achieve the desired depth of colour. One coat gives a very natural look, slightly whitening the timber’s natural characteristics, whilst two or more coats can build to create a paler look. The PreLak application is followed by Junckers’ water-based lacquer to protect the floor against wear and tear.

PreLak Nordic is fast drying and prohibits discolouration of the wood; a full-bodied primer with good covering capacity.

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Jade Tilley
Jade Tilley
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