• Design Stories: Anke Summerhill

    Design Stories: Anke Summerhill

    Anke Summerhill, Co-Founder and Director, Minotti London, reflects on the power of the Minotti brand. Minotti Italy was founded in 1948 by Alberto Minotti; a long manufacturing tradition, innovation and design came together to create a unique style. Minotti always had a vision when it came to design. In 1960 he entered into a brilliant

  • In Detail: One Crown Place

    In Detail: One Crown Place

    One Crown Place, a major new £500 million mixed-use scheme, has had nine apartments designed by Studio Ashby, to be completed in 2020.

  • Designer Profile: John Evans

    Designer Profile: John Evans

    Jade Tilley talks to John Evans about design in the West Midlands, seeking perfection in balance and structure and the curse of the generic portfolio.

  • Showing design leadership with eporta: a roundtable event

    Showing design leadership with eporta: a roundtable event

    eporta hosted a round-table discussion at the start of 2018 with some of the most prominent voices in design, exploring the issues that affect businesses and how we should tackle them.

  • Designer Profile: Georgina Wood

    Designer Profile: Georgina Wood

    Jade Tilley chatted to Georgina Wood about the joy of designing residences for private clients and how 1930s material manipulation inspires her.

  • Design Stories: Niche

    Design Stories: Niche

    Jeremy Pyles, Creative Director, Niche Modern, features in the IDT Design Stories series, discussing the unique mantra of Niche Modern and his quest for enduring lighting designs. Tell us about the design background of Niche Modern. Niche started as a design oriented retail store in the East Village, New York. My background is in fine

  • Design Stories: Joyce Wang

    Design Stories: Joyce Wang

    Joyce Wang, Principal, Joyce Wang Studio, shares her company’s vision and ethos and the challenges and excitement that come with working internationally. Tell us about the design background and beginnings of the Joyce Wang Studio. I had always wanted to be an architect as it was the more accepted creative industry profession in the eyes

  • Designer Profile: Susie McLaren

    Designer Profile: Susie McLaren

    Jade Tilley talks to Susie McLaren, Head of residential at SHH, about early beginnings in retail at Liberty and how true creativity comes from the quiet places.

  • Designer Profile: Robinson van Noort

    Designer Profile: Robinson van Noort

    Jade Tilley talks to Ali and Carolyn Robinson about medieval castles, 70s furniture and emotional engagement with clients and projects.