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Healthy option showerhead from Gush Bathrooms

A groundbreaking showerhead is being launched in the UK for the first time designed to help boost body and mind by providing a host of health and cosmetic benefits. The Purastream Shower Handset is an advanced showering system that may protect against the adverse effects of chlorine in the water supply, generates healthy negative ions and recreates a spa experience in the home. Available from Gush Bathroom Products, it is being brought to the UK after gaining significant popularity in the United States.

The Purastream Shower Handset is proven to remove up to 99.95 per cent of residual chlorine in tap water according to the Korean Testing & Research Institute for Chemical Industry. Chlorine is well known to contribute to respiratory diseases, damage delicate body tissue and have a negative cosmetic effect on skin and hair.

According to a recent reports from America, two thirds of harmful exposure to chlorine is said to be the result of inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering. It has also long been a suspected cause of respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis, and when mixed with other compounds in water it forms Trihalomethanes (THMs), which are proven to be carcinogenic. Furthermore, chlorine has a negative cosmetic effect on the body, robbing skin and hair of moisture and elasticity, resulting in a less vibrant and youthful appearance. It has harsh effects on the scalp and hair and can contribute to many skin complaints.

The Purastream Shower Handset has a unique filter system that usesvitamin c, the equivalent to 3,000 lemons, to nutralise the harmful effects of chlorine, thus helping to protect against any adverse health conditions and maintain a healthy body. The filter system also releases a refreshing citrus fragrance and emits aromatherapy oils from the vitamin c cartridge giving a spa effect in your own home to help relieve stress and improve focus.

Meanwhile, the innovative use of triangular rather than circular holes in the showerhead creates 421,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre of water, 100 times more than is produced by a waterfall according to the Korean Infrared Association. Studies have found that negative air ions kill many forms of mould and bacteria, whilst boosting the immune system and contributing to an improvement in overall wellbeing. In fact, it is a suggested therapy for sinusitis, migraine, insomnia, tuberculosis, wound and burn healing, asthma, hay fever, emphysema, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and chlorine poisoning.

Purastream is also the responsible choice for any household, because the handset reduces water and energy consumption, which is not only good for the environment but also their pocket. It has been found to give the effect of raising water pressure by roughly 1.5 times and uses much less water when compared to many other showerheads. Since this is heated water, it is also cutting down on the energy requirements.

For more information telephone +44 2083929952 or visit <http://purastream.co.uk/>

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