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Metal palette awareness

Many artists, designers and architects are still unaware of the benefits of a new system for applying cold metal finishes that effectively gives a whole new palette of artistic possibilities. Brain Eatwell of Metall-FX has invented and perfected a process that allows virtually any surface from paper to concrete to be coated in a huge variety of metals and bespoke metal effects . The Metall-FX system however means that the metals are applied in cold liquid form. The Metall-FX team of artisans operate from their workshop or on site. The Metall-FX system has already been used to create spectacular decorative metal effects in bathrooms, offices, retail spaces and reception areas, shop fronts, and even to coat the tiled surface of a swimming pool in metal. The Metall-FX website shows the standard finishes available as well as many examples of bespoke finishes and design ideas.


For more information telephone 0845 528 0918 or visit www.metall-fx.co.uk



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