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Excellence in British furniture design

The Furniture Makers Company has announced the Design Guild Marks for 2013.


The Design Guild Mark, now in its sixth year, has become recognised as a major mark for excellence in British Design. The Design Guild Mark, rewards excellence in the design of furniture in volume production.


By the award of this Guild Mark for designs which meet The Furniture Makers Company’s criteria, the designers will receive due recognition and the industry will be made more aware of the importance of investment in design. The Design Guild Mark rewards the work of the finest furniture designers working in volume production and the best of British furniture designers working abroad.


The judging panel had the difficult task of assessing which entries had achieved the now established standard of excellence required from the diverse range of items set out for their inspection. All judges with an interest in an entry stood aside when that entry was being discussed.


Graham Jones, the present Chairman, commented: “This year’s judging day was its usual mix of celebration and contention. Every year we find something simple and something delightful that unites the judges in their commendation and helps to explain why the Design Guild Mark is so important.”


Jonathan Hindle, Founding Chairman of the Design Guild Mark added: “I am delighted this prestigious award is going from strength to strength.  I am told by many of the leading design studios that they now consider the Design Guild Mark to be the highest accolade for the design of furniture in volume production.  This year’s judging was as vigorous as ever with much debate amongst us on each product.  The short presentations from each designer in person or via Skype was also very informative.  Just over half the entrants were judged as achieving a standard worthy of a Guild Mark.

I am especially pleased to see many of the designers and manufacturers using the Design Guild Mark Coat of Arms and logo in the promotion of those products.”


Designers whose entries were awarded Design Guild Marks this year were:
• Ian Archer –  ‘Raffa Chairs’ for Couch Design            
• Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby –  ‘The Sofa Collection’ for
Knoll International                                   
• Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby – ‘Tip Ton’ for Vitra            
• Samuel Chan – ‘Finnieston Bookcase’ for Channels                   
• Samuel Chan – ‘Finnieston Console Table’ for Channels        
• Martin Dodge – ‘Radial Table Mechanism’ for Martin Dodge Furniture
• Ali Edwards – ‘Navajo’ for John Lewis                 
• Mark Gabbertas – ‘Diabolo’ for Chorus Furniture            
• Mark Gabbertas  – ‘Metro’ for Lyndon Design                                      
• Mark Gabbertas – ‘Mir’ for Chorus Furniture            
• Mark Gabbertas –  ‘MirA’ for Chorus Furniture             
• Dave Green – ‘Rockingham Rocker’ made by Sitting Firm Chairmakers
• Terry Hunt – ‘UniteSE  SpaceStation’ for KI                                      
• James Irvine – ‘Juno’ for Arper                    
• Je-Uk Kim – ‘Credenza O’ for JiB design studio                 
• Roger Webb Associates – ‘WHY Chairs’ for Connection        
• Steuart Padwick – ‘The Horseshoe Chair’ manufactured by Sitting Firm
Distributed by Steuart Padwick                        
• Simon Pengelly – ‘Jonty’ for Chorus Furniture Ltd            
• Russell Pinch – ‘Holland Park’ Chairs manufactured by Ercol         
• Wales & Wales – ‘Marylebone Chairs’ for Benchmark             
• Wills Watson & Associates  – ‘Corsair Range’ for WJ White    


The Design Guild Mark are having an exclusive feature stand showing awarded products at 100% Design, 18th – 21st September at Earls Court.



Image: Ali Edwards’ winning design – ‘Navajo’ for John Lewis






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