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Apollo and Apex jam at May design series

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Evoni Design presents its first British built and designed DJ furniture known as the Apollo and Apex, two contemporary, design­led music workstations which aim to close a gap in the market and raise the design profile of DJ furniture.

Evoni Design has aimed to offer the world of interiors the Apollo and Apex, two contemporary, cutting edge DJ workstations. With a love for music and DJing, Head Designer, Rob Hodge was able to combine his knowledge of DJ equipment and passion for innovative design to reinvigorate the DJ furniture on offer. The Apex stand combines triangular shapes and 45° angles to create sharp profiled legs and a cutting edge design whereas the Apollo uses an arrangement of green coloured, stacked blocks to provide a vivid sculptural effect. Both built to fit the latest DJ mixers, decks and midi controllers perfectly in a slick design. All power and audio cables are invisibly integrated into the body of the furniture, ensuring the aesthetics remain unspoilt. Esteemed designer Karim Rashid and Musicity’s Founder and Creative Director, Nick Luscombe both did a set on the Apollo DJ stand at the DX bar at the May Design Series late night opening. 
For more information telephone 07733113423 or visit www.evonidesign.com


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