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Bringing back the library

Antiquepropshop creates beautiful antique libraries for new interiors. With a massive antique and vintage book stock house, Antiquepropshop is now one of the UK’s busiest suppliers for old books to build libraries and produce creative displays.


Book lovers
There has never been a better time to create a classic feel for a client’s new interior with original, antique books. Whether for a full library, or used decoratively in smaller numbers, they complete the look for any home. With the advent of e-readers, antique original books are worth more than ever, not only in intrinsic value but in display value to embellish a house or business.


Antique books can be used to create a simple yet timeless display, complementing standout pieces of furniture or on their own as a unique feature. They can be displayed in uniformity or carefully structured to create an individual, eclectic feature, making them the perfect pieces for those with a passion for interiors.


From one book…to a room full
Antiquepropshop can deal immediately with any venture large or small in the field of old and antique book displays. Laurence Wolffe, Director of Antiquepropshop commented, “We’ve noticed a growing demand for books to help create an enduring, sophisticated environment, that brings a bit of the exclusivity of member’s clubs and country manors into modern homes. There’s also the chance for owners to showcase their personal tastes, reflected in titles chosen. We are getting more and more requests for home libraries.


Antiquepropshop have been working with property developers and interior designers to create libraries within some high profile new homes. Laurence continues, “We recently undertook a library for a twenty-room mansion in central London belonging to a very well known celebrity. This was followed by the nearly all leather book library we devised in the main area of the newly refurbished luxury Rosewood Hotel in Holborn, which was subsequently featured in the Evening Standard.”

They have also been asked to supply antique and vintage books for show homes, shops, pubs, restaurants and film sets for the likes of The BBC and Pinewood Studios.


Various library ideas    
Antiquepropshop has an extensive selection of stock so you can choose a number of antique books in different sizes, in cloth or leather, to help create a glorious and authentic customised display library.  These books can be just for visual effect, but Antiquepropshop can also supply the famous classics in vintage editions. Popular requests include authors such as Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, Jane Austen and The Brontë Sisters.

Books for themed displays
Antiqepropshop are experienced in creating themed displays, for homes or visual merchandising. Laurence Wolffe says “We’ve worked with a variety of clients including retailers to build bespoke displays, where we’ve been asked to source a wide range of topical books such as historical, geographical, sporting or cookery books.” Clients include Ted Baker, Monsoon, Barbour, Macy’s (New York),Cath Kidston, Topshop and Juicy Couture.


Antiquepropshop supplies props for shops, boutiques, theatres, hotels, restaurants, pubs and events. The company can supply UK and International customers with vintage, antique and original items such as vintage telephones, old clocks, typewriters and much more.


For more information telephone 07836 264336, email enquiries@antiquepropshop.com or visit www.antiquepropshop.com 






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