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Parquet perfection

Over 400 years ago, faced with the enormous difficulties of maintaining marble and stone floor surfaces, French aristocrats turned to the trees growing on their estates as a source material for their flooring. From this, parquet was born. Historically, parquet flooring strictly refers to mosaics and block pattern flooring where all the individual pieces have straight edges. In contemporary UK living spaces the most popular parquet is herringbone. However, interest in chevron parquet is surging and the more experimental designers are now trawling through their French history books to be inspired by the elaborate and elegant parquet panels found in the French Royal Palaces and aristocratic estates. Solid Floor is bringing these smart and sophisticated floors up to date by using modern techniques and materials. Using special cuts of oak, hand treated to create modern colours, Solid Floor has been able to create historical floor panels that will fit beautifully in houses and commercial spaces, historical, and contemporary alike.

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