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Steam free solutions

demista™ heated mirror pads are an ideal solution for steamed up bathroom mirrors, providing a simple and inexpensive additional function to your bathroom space. The pads come in a variety of sizes, and can be used in multiples if very large areas need to be covered. demista™ heated mirror pads can also be made to order in special sizes. Fitting is easy, just fix the self-adhesive pad to the back of the mirror and connect to the lighting circuit so that the mirror is warmed when the lights are switched on. The pads are manufactured in the UK and have proven quality after 20 years in the market worldwide. demista™ is the innovator of steam free mirrors and the first heated mirror pads sold in the UK. They are the first choice for builders, developers and specifiers for projects such as luxury apartments, hotels and leisure centres, new home developments and refurbishment projects both at home and abroad.


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