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Timber without maintenance

For almost 25 years Parklex have been manufacturing natural timber products without any requirement for the specific maintenance usually associated with wood. All of our extensive range of floor, wall & ceiling panels benefit from our Gureprex® resin impregnation process. This unique system, utilising high pressure and heat, totally encapsulates the wood rather than simply applying sacrificial coats of lacquer or oils, which generally require future reapplication. Apart from normal cleaning, the surface of Parklex needs no further maintenance. Additionally, our recently launched range of anti-slip flooring allows timber to be used in ‘high risk’ areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Imagine stepping straight out of the shower onto the warmth and luxury of a timber floor, without fear of falling! And with 30 different timber species to choose from, along with floor panel widths up to 590mm, Parklex truly is……Timber with technology.

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