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Timber triumphs

An experienced and confident designer, experimenting with colour and texture can source the right timber to provide a solid foundation to any design scheme. But historically, a limited choice of plank sizes reduced the opportunity to play with a sense of scale within any scheme – not any more. Solid Floor can now supply timber floorboards up to 385mm wide.


These long and wide planks are precision engineered to ensure stability. The oak planks can be finished in over 30 different colours and in a range of textures. Ranging from cool Scandinavian whites and greys, through to aged and distress floors which have been burnt and coloured, the choice of colour palette is limited only by yours and your clients imagination. An increasingly popular choice is to mix different width planks within the same floor. Traditionally, this was done to efficiently, maximise the use of timber from each tree. Now many choose this as a conscious design decision.


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