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Proclaimed by bloggers as the “coolest office in the world”, Mintel’s London headquarters brings together an eclectic mix of Doctor Who themes, festival vibes and very clever workspace design, and it is now home to the revolutionary TopBrewer coffee machine. The TopBrewer by Scanomat is quickly becoming the coffee machine of choice for the modern workspace with its sleek design, advanced app-based technology and not to mention the great coffee, which is incidentally roasted by Scanomat in their very own micro-roastery. Simon Bracken, Managing Director of Scanomat UK, originally met Peter Haigh, Mintel’s CEO, as part of a series of events arranged by the Advanced Workplace Association. He said: “I visited Mintel’s HQ as part of AWA’s Workplace Week programme. Peter [Haigh] kindly took us on a guided tour of his offices and I was extremely impressed with the well thought out and original design of the space. It was very encouraging, during Workplace Week, when the subject of coffee kept coming up in the discussion. At Scanomat we believe good coffee and design can bring people together in the workspace, improve staff morale and subsequently increase productivity and opportunities for collaboration. The TopBrewer is the first professional coffee machine that truly embraces design and compliments agile working principles.”








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