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Intuitive design

KIVO, designed exclusively for Herman Miller by Alexander Lorenz, takes on the challenges faced by the ever-changing landscape of the modern office. KIVO was created to provide a solution to the dynamic workplace whilst also offering flexibility for change in both work activity and behaviour. A rise in open plan floorplates and a decrease in private office spaces calls for a balance to be struck between individual and group needs. Herman Miller developed and validated a concise range of KIVO settings to meet these needs in combination with a variety of products from its portfolio. The lightweight triangular modules that form Alexander Lorenzs innovative new system divides existing areas, creating and emphasising places to work. It supports the intuitive nature in which people work, outlining spaces where people can be creative or find a quiet space to escape and think. The design creates a powerful statement and comes in a variety of finishes from bold colours to lighter hues. KIVOs uneven external profile combined with acoustic dampening materials built on a resilient steel skeleton reflects and reduces sound, creating a private hub.

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