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Handcrafted to perfection

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Tim Armitt, Managing Director at Lyndon Design, discusses the beauty and functional benefits of handcrafting furniture.


Having celebrated 30 years of manufacture in 2012, Lyndon Design has evolved into a world-renowned brand of handcrafted upholstered timber furniture and is revered for its classic styles, meticulous attention to detail and bespoke designs. Now part of the Boss Design Group, Lyndon Design sits alongside the Boss Design, Komac and Unifi brands and is specified worldwide throughout the hospitality, leisure, retail and corporate sectors.


Lyndon Design successfully presents furniture collections that combine classic and elegant designs with high-end quality and timber craftsmanship. Every product is precisely designed and developed either in-house, or in collaboration with some of the most credible and award winning designers, including Mark Gabbertas, Nick Munro and Peter Emrys-Roberts.


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We have always stuck to our design principles that blend simple and uncluttered designs with superior and quality craftsmanship.


Over recent years, we have become more adventurous in some of our designs. The launch of a new and luxurious duo of wing chairs, aptly named Mr. & Mrs, was the outcome of our own take on the classic wing chair. Whilst paying respectful homage to the stately grandeur of the traditional wing chair, we incorporated various contemporary touches that make them suitable for today’s hospitality and boutique hotel environment, and even the corporate arena.


As soft office seating becomes more commonplace in the corporate arena and the trend for versatile breakout areas continues, we have also been able to expand into office seating. Still bearing all the hallmarks associated with the Lyndon Design brand, collections such as Entente provide innovative meeting areas that effectively break up large, open plan office spaces with exceptional seating and technology combined into one striking piece.


Bespoke offering
At Lyndon Design, we have become champions at providing bespoke banquette seating arrangements that offer a flexible solution for accommodating large numbers of people; from dining areas within a staff café or fine dining restaurant, to collaborative and breakout spaces. Skillfully designed to fit almost any given environment and to meet specific ergonomic and spatial requirements, our bespoke banquette seating service offers endless design opportunities whilst cleverly maximizing the use of space.


We also regularly turn our upholstery design and manufacturing skill set to a number of made-to-order options including; wall panels, bedroom headboards and ottomans, together with chaise longues and benches.


Thanks to ongoing investment in impressive in-house frame making facilities, we are able to produce timber frame products that boast a whole new level of sophistication.

For the future, we will continue to draw on our strengths and capabilities using wood as an essential material and, alongside our in-house design team, we will be looking to expand our relationships with selected leading British designers who are able to bring a high level of design creativity to the mix, thereby expanding our design repertoire.


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