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Let it glow!

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Integral LED created a retro-fit GU10 LED lamp that matches the aesthetic qualities of halogen with all the energy saving benefits of LED. The Integral LED lamp ‘Classic Glow’ simply replaces a standard 50 watt halogen lamp but only uses a mere 6.8W, yet delivers 380 lumens and will last for 25,000 hours, meaning maintenance costs will be negligible. Integral LED attributes the Classic Glow effect to an innovative ‘Fly-eye’ filter that is housed in front of the COB light source. The unique feature projects the light forward with maximum intensity whilst protecting on-lookers from excessive glare. Effectively, the ‘Fly-eye’ softens the stray light emitted from the outer sides of the lens and produces a strong functional beam that is anti-glare and provides a ‘classic glow’ akin to halogen. There are two product options; traditional warm light (2700K) colour temperature and contemporary white (4000K) and the range includes dimmable and non-dimmable versions which can provide savings of up to 85 per cent on lighting energy costs. It offers a major reduction in energy and maintenance overhead for commercial buildings and private residences.


020 8451 8700 | www.integral-led.com

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