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The Reclaimed Flooring Company provides the finest authentic reclaimed, replica reclaimed and specialised new solid and engineered wood for a variety of commercial and residential projects. This year at 100% Design, they presented a range of new designs for the year ahead. An innovative range of patinas incorporates both antique and contemporary design concepts, blending rich history, new technology and an unrestricted approach to creativity and craft. The cornerstone and culture of RFC is to keep wood just like wood, full of raw character, personality and timeless beauty. New for 2014/15 is the reclaimed French Wine Barrel Oak. Made from authentic French Wine barrels, this stunning new feature is the first of its kind and exclusive to the Reclaimed Flooring Company. This beautiful wood can be produced on solid or engineered platforms. Prices start from 125 per metre squared. Further products include the rare, tropical hardwoods with CoastEcoTimber, derived from underwater logging in Panama. Finally the Instant Nostalgia application involves a colour layering system that is applied to wood to create an aesthetic weathered look.



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