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A new concept in flooring

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Nadura is a completely new concept in flooring from Meister. Nadura, Meisters revolutionary engineered product, is engineered using wood powder technology to create a flooring option thats stylish, resilient and incredibly tough; the product has a lifetime warranty on domestic use. Its unique properties are achieved by bonding three layers together using heat and pressure. Nadura Surface is a tough mix of wood powder and minerals; AquaSafe, in the middle, is made from special wood materials to help prevent damage from moisture; and Nadura Backing is specially engineered to stabilise the structure of the flooring. Importantly for open plan living spaces, Nadura floors are durable and impact resistant, unlike ceramic tiles, stone and slate floors, which can crack when subjected to heavy impact. For busy kitchen and living areas, Nadura offers the perfect combination of high performance and stunning good looks.


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