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Be Calm, At Peace


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Methven has developed a pioneering new showering technology. Exclusively engineered for Methven’s striking new Aio range, the patented Aurajet™ technology delivers superior spray, maximum warmth and offers an unparalleled showering experience. Methven’s latest innovation was developed following extensive research into consumer showering preferences, taking the science of showering to new levels by using water deflection to create fan-shaped sheets of water. The showerhead’s hidden nozzles generate single jets of water that hit precisely-engineered surfaces to produce a wide, even shower spray with no gaps and enhanced droplet density. Aurajet delivers up to 20 per cent more total spray force than the SatinJet shower range and double the water coverage on the skin than traditional showers – yet uses as little water as nine litres per minute, continuing Methven’s commitment to savings on water and energy bills for consumers. With greater spray force and body coverage, the shower also offers increased warmth. Methven has integrated its ground-breaking Aurajet technology into a stunning new shower collection, Aio. Referencing the company’s New Zealand heritage, the word ‘Aio’ translates to ‘Be calm, at peace’. The range will be complemented by a range of taps.





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