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Winner’s Success Secrets

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As the saying goes, a workman is only as good as his tools. And according to star apprentice Lewis Roberts, using Purdy’s range of professional brushes and rollers has helped him kick start his painting and decorating career.


The Lincolnshire-based painter and decorator, aged 24, was awarded Ł2,000 of Purdy and Dulux paint products as well as Ł1,000 cash when he scooped the prestigious title of Dulux Decorator Centre Student Apprentice of the Year.  


Since winning, he has used the prized tools to help complete the final year of his training – admitting that he and his colleagues have been impressed by the quality, durability and range of products that Purdy offers – stating that he’d remain extremely loyal to the high-performance brand.


As Lewis explains: “Winning the contest was a real boost to my career and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I used the Ł1,000 cheque to pay for my work van then I was given Ł2,000 worth of Purdy and Dulux tools and products.


“Purdy is a great brand and I use them for the majority of my brushes, roller frames and sleeves. The rollers can apply a good amount of paint and allow you to create a nice, even finish for clients. I wouldn’t use another brand of roller and would highly recommend them to other painters and decorators.”


Lewis also uses the Purdy 12-inch colossus roller sleeves and frames as well as the two and three-inch Pro Extra brushes. Commenting on their use, Lewis says: “I find the brushes do not splay and always give a good, solid, clean cut line that really helps to transform interior spaces.”


“Offering great quality, they are a cost effective choice too, you can look after them and they’ll last much longer than any other brands.”


With the help of his Purdy rollers, tools and brushes Lewis intends to notch up lots more experience before thinking about going it alone – currently working for painter and decorator, Richard Bett.


And as he says: “My long term plan is to get as much experience as possible before setting up and having a go at starting my own painting and decorating business. Who knows what will happen? Whatever I do I’m sure Purdy will continue to be a part of it.”


Purdy have maintained a strong reputation over the past 90 years and offer industry sought-after products that include a wide range of paint brushes and rollers as well as roller sleeves and frames. Created by craftsmen for craftsmen, each tool helps tradespeople tackle decorating jobs with ease.







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