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Plumis Automist protects

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Truffle, a London-based property developer, recently undertook the refurbishment of a 3-storey, Victorian, terraced house in Hammersmith. The client wanted an open-plan lowest floor with no separation at all between the large kitchen living room and the staircase; in other words, without a protected route to the front door on the floor above. Plumis Automist was suggested as a possible solution to the impasse. The Automist system uses a high pressure pump to generate a fine water mist from nozzles mounted under a standard monobloc mixing tap, standalone on a worktop or on a wall that rapidly suppresses a fire and thereby provides sufficient protection to satisfy the building control requirements of many applications. Its connected to the domestic water supply and requires no tank and much less water than traditional sprinklers. The need for significantly less pipe-work and the prevention of potentially devastating home damage in the event of fire by suppressing flames and thus limiting smoke and heat were further compelling reasons for choosing Automist. Elite Fire Safety are the principal accredited installers for Plumis Automist in the London area.


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