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Technogym has become a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art fitness equipment, renowned globally for innovative design and technology. Technogym’s in house Wellness Design department and sales consultants have worked on many interesting challenges in creating Wellness areas for clients at home including:? ?


Digging in

?One client had a cellar, which they were converting into a gym. Technogym sat the client down on the machine in order to measure his head height, discovering that it was necessary to dig a recess into the floor to ensure the client would be able to use the bike to maximum effect, in safety.? ?


Compact equipment, compact spaces

?Home owners often buy space-maximising equipment such as Kinesis Personal, Unica or the Spazio Forma folding treadmill because resemble space-efficient exercise furniture more than simple fitness tools. One client specifically selected the Unica multigym for their garage located under a set of stairs, as the machine suited the sloping space, and looked good in their new gym space.? ?


The right solution

?Technogym believe in a fully consultative approach from start to finish. The mix and number of machines suggested all starts with understanding the clients’ needs and goals. For some clients, quality and design are of the uppermost importance. With support and training, clients get the most out of the equipment, particularly enjoying the machines with entertainment features and internet connectivity that allow them to stay engaged whilst working out.?Other clients desire the latest gadgets, toys and technology; so innovation, performance and connectivity are key. These clients juxtapose modern, cutting edge fitness machines that combine design with functionality, even with traditional-style properties.? ?


Bespoke creations?

Often clients want their Wellness spaces to match the aesthetic of their home design, Technogym goes the extra mile to ensure they get the desired effect. The Limonta leather on some ranges can be chosen from eight colour ways, and the Personal Line with its polished aluminium accents is designed to match mirrored spaces in most homes.?In contrast, other clients want to replicate a health club experience in their home. One client decorated the space like a gym with matting, mirrors and accessories and included our professional-grade equipment to create a complete replica of the commercial gym they used, all in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.


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