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Purity in form

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Amanda Wharton, General Manager, I Tesori, discusses I Tesoris ethos for design without compromise when considering architectural door furniture, to be presented at 100% Design 2015


Architectural design and that of good modern design, has changed, so too have the products and the technology used in interior design. Some of the best buildings, certainly the internationally recognised ones, are often more akin to sculptural works, where the aesthetics play a major role and the expectation is carried throughout the interior.


Our association with well-designed buildings and interiors is usually expressed through space, light and function. However it is only when we physically touch something that we begin to experience the soul of the building. The first point of contact is invariably the door handle, whose weight, solidness and feel immediately influence the reaction to the building.


The history of the door handle is interesting, starting with its non-existence on doors, which were merely locked to open or close, the centuries-old latch and string or leather-thong type of opener, through to the miniature works of art the upper classes loved, to the simpler but stylish designs we enjoy today.


I Tesori have gathered together a portfolio of the finest brands of European luxury hardware, brought to the market via a select number of specialist distributors, who offer the highest levels of service and support demanded by prestigious projects.


Enrico Cassina produce a beautiful range of distinctive and elegant products, inspired by objects from the history of art and design, infused with the vitality and culture of their Milanese heritage. Enrico Cassina offer a full complementary range of products from door handles to coat hooks.


Manital, a leading light in the European handle manufacturing sector, combine a passion for design and attention to detail to create innovative and elegant products with unrivalled technical specifications. Their versatility is second to none, 40 different finishes available and all lever designs can be applied to various fixings to suit your style.


Griff Werk originate from Bretone, Northern Italy. As they developed, the company set up new premises in Germany. The Italian roots are still present within their stylish range of products but are now coupled with German engineering, presenting an elegant and ingenious product range for the glass and wooden door industry. The beautifully crafted products offer flexibility and durability within a home or commercial environment, adding style and sophistication to any property.


DND by Martinelli love classic, timeless lines, and yet continue to observe new trends of the interior design world. DND by Martinelli was established in 1998, in order to satisfy the needs of the continuously evolving design sector. This division soon became the centre for the development of new ideas, originating from the collaboration with renowned designers.


Deluxia are passionate about good design. They balance originality and imagination, attention to detail with an obsession with quality craftsmanship. Deluxia have been successfully creating beautiful door furniture since 1979. As a design oriented producer and a close follower of the developments in this field, Deluxia acquires the ability to develop and provide exquisite solutions to the Interior Design industry.


Visit I Tesori on Stand E392 at 100% Design this September.


0207 4818070 | enquiries@itesori.co.uk | www.itesori.co.uk | I Tesori | 69 Turnmill Street | London | EC1M 5RR




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