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Basalte is a Belgian manufacturer of design switches and products that are designed for KNX, the international standard for home automation systems. All products combine advanced technology with a refined and modern design. One of Basaltes lead products is Sentido. This touch-sensitive design switch is made of high-grade metals and available in various finishes like brushed aluminium, satin white, bronze and even glass. Sentido is divided into two or four equal surfaces and the entire switch is touch-sensitive, creating an innovative and unique user experience. Lights, shades and scenes can be operated at the slightest touch. Touching more than one surface at the same time, turns on and off all the lights in a room using a general scene. This multi-touch function makes light control highly intuitive and user-friendly. Sentido also has an internal temperature sensor, which discretely reports the temperature to the home automation system.

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