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Commemorative Baffo

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Over the last 40 years ITALAMP have distinguished themselves as one of the leading manufacturers and designers of luxury Italian lighting. Baffo is a commemorative feature piece, designed and created in conjunction with Matteo Bianchi studios to commemorate these 40 years of industry excellence. With a dual circuit, this feature design is able to adapt seamlessly to different lighting requirements making it the perfect medium for hard- to-light spaces. The small accent lights on the products stem offer gentle illumination, whilst the main LED module spot-lights a larger target area. These features can be utilised both simultaneously and separately, making this one of the only dual-function pendant lights available on the market. The aesthetic of this new design owes much to brass band regular the trombone, which Bianchi cites as the main inspiration behind his design. The lamps sleek lines and narrow neck flare overhead into a daffodil like skirt that houses the main lighting feature, while the accompanying accent lighting, comprising two smaller LEDs, creates the thin beams of light that give the product the name Baffo, Italian for moustache.?


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