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A lesson in perfection

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Created using a balanced combination of time-honoured heritage craft techniques, in depth knowledge of the science of ceramics and the latest technology, the Birlingham Box is part of the splendid new collection from ceramic specialists Chamberlain & Co. Inspired by the porcelain that graced the court of King George III, the range is ornate and elegant, combining Regency splendour with the modern aesthetic to create a glorious hybrid of ceramic art. Fashioned from eight separate pieces of clay and supported by numerous others throughout the shaping and firing processes, more than 50 man hours go into ensuring that every Birlingham Box is as perfect as it is beautiful. The finished profile may look effortlessly graceful but it takes consummate skill to prevent the clay from following its innate tendencies and bellying out; clay yearns to be rounded rather than flat. In this design, Chamberlain & Cos artisans are defying nature. The Birlingham Box measures approximately 34cm x 23cm x 20cm and is hand painted over 34 hours, including gilding the glazed ceramic.

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