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From a purpose built factory in Birmingham comes a range of handles and knobs for the most discerning of kitchen designers by Armac Martin. A feature of all Armac Martin handles is the attention to detail, they are designed to look great, to feel good, to work well, and to last. All Armac Martin products are manufactured to be excellent, and are finished with beautiful detail. Traditional ‘Polished Brass’ sits alongside contemporary ‘Chrome and Nickel’ in the collections. There is period ‘Antique Brass’ which has evolved into shades of ‘Burnish & Bronze’, which is a new breed of industrial styled handles that are both a testament to the heritage of the manufacturer and a vision of the future drawn by the designer. The handles share common values, which were the inspiration for the design, demonstrating ‘strength & resilience’, a look that is ‘practical & honest’, and a feeling of ‘solid and un-compromising’ quality.


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