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Hoisted for hotels

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Adding one extra fixture, which requires no space, in just a couple of bedrooms could significantly increase the number, length and spend of visitors in hospitality settings. Under British Standards (BS8300:2009), for new buildings, a minimum five per cent of bedrooms should have a fixed tracked?hoist system or similar system giving the same degree of convenience and safety. But campaigners say few hotels, especially among the major chains, provide any rooms with hoist facilities for the disabled or impaired, even in newbuild.


Robin Tuffley, Marketing Manager at Clos-o-Mat, commented, British Standards do specify that five per cent of rooms should have a hoist; they state that the use of personal hoisting equipment is generally associated with accessible sanitary accommodation and accessible sleeping accommodation in hotels and residential buildings. It is in these areas that provision of a hoist will offer the greatest benefit, extending the range of people that a facility can accommodate. It is an advantage if the design and structure of a building allows the simple installation of hoisting equipment at a later date, if not initially possible.
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