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Onewool for all


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Onewool, the stylish gallery for wool interiors has been officially open to the public for two years now and can be found at www.onewool.com. Over a hundred fabulous products exhibit on the Gallery and this number continues to grow every day as the concept and benefits of ONEWOOL become more widely known within the makers and manufacturers of the interior textile industry. ONEWOOL is the exciting promotional platform of the Campaign for Wool, the global initiative to raise the profile of real wool that has His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as Patron. Natural, sustainable and rapidly renewable, wool with its amazing range of performance benefits and luxury look and feel is the most impressive fibre for wool flooring and interiors. The Campaign points to the amazing patina of antique rugs in stately homes in the UK to support the fact that wool will always look better for longer. The idea behind ONEWOOL is very simple, products can be nominated to the Gallery by the parent brand or company and then after it has been authorised it will feature live on its own gallery page, which can be updated regularly. Visitors can then access the website of each company or brand by simply clicking and connecting.


www.onewool.com | #onewool | @campaignforwool



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