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Custom created rugs



Platinum Custom Rugs bases its philosophy on a customer oriented strategy, aimed at giving the decision-making to the consumer, allowing them to create the made-to-measure rug most suited to their tastes and needs. Platinum Custom Rugs offers some essential tools to all clients, whether they are the end consumer, retailer or wholesaler, allowing them to create studied and detailed designs, which can be customised in many ways. The most important tool is the creative showroom, an ideal place for experimenting colour combinations, discovering the different production techniques available and giving the customer an experience to remember by creating a space where they take a leading role. It is where the bond between the customer and brand, that they have chosen to interact with, is established. The sample briefcase is another principle element in facilitating free expression, making it easy for the customer to choose colour shades and materials. It contains a range of quality examples and a set of 110 colours that are the key for creating a completely custom made rug. Another useful tool is the showroom where the wide range of products on offer can be seen close-up and where the refined finishing and the infinite creative possibilities can be appreciated in a new and attractive dimension.


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