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Pots, Pans and Boards

London based architectural studio Michaelis Boyd has realised their first project in Dubai: Pots Pans & Boards, a new restaurant concept from British Michelin Star chef Tom Aikens.


The concept for Pots Pans & Boards in Dubai focuses on shared dishes that are served straight to tables in the pots pans and boards they have been prepared in. This relaxed family-style dining approach creates a vibrant and warm atmosphere and had a strong influence on the interior design of the restaurant.


The restaurant interior includes reclaimed furniture, rustic finishes, curved vibrant blue leather banquettes and statement lighting. The walls and floor are covered in a combination of different types of reclaimed wood and terracotta and glazed tiles. Vintage objects sourced from flea markets are on display throughout the restaurant on walls and shelves, including antique kitchen knives, cleavers, utensils and glass storage jars. The colourful, rustic but united characters of the objects contribute to creating a much-loved kitchen charm, which the food concept was based on.

The banquette seating allows diners to see the theatre kitchen or the views of the Arabian Gulf in this dramatic beachside location. The full preparation kitchen, theatre kitchen and bar wrap around the centre of the restaurant giving every customer the feeling of eating in a homely environment.


The warmth of the restaurant has been enhanced through a selection of different lighting and the use and choice of materials including reclaimed chevron timber, beautiful oak flooring, warm terracotta tiles and a wide variety of kitchenalia. This includes dramatic chrome pot lid walls encased in glass, as well as many displays of cooking utensils, delicious ingredients and bright packaging.


Waiter stations made from reclaimed butcher blocks and an eclectic mix of tables and chairs has been chosen to reinforce the feeling of a relaxed and homely kitchen setting.



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