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The Wonder of water


SPATEX 2017 is on the horizon, offering a world of wet leisure ideas for interior designers and architects working in the spa and hospitality sectors.

Water can be relaxing, therapeutic, calming, eye-catching and exciting. Add it to innovative interior design and it is guaranteed to have an impact on an interior space.

Water leisure, and all that it embraces, is a fast moving world and staying abreast of what is new and happening is vital if a facility is to look current and appealing.

Attendance at SPATEX 2017 will bring those involved in the design and construction of pools and spas, up to speed. With a shop window showing all the latest innovations from both home and abroad and a free double seminar programme on all three days of the Show, SPATEX 2017 is an unmissable event. Water has huge commercial value Wellness and making people feel good is what it is all about when it comes to hotels, spas and leisure facilities. If thereís one ingredient that singles out a hotel or spa from the crowd and secures repeat bookings, it is the quality of its water leisure provision, be it a spa, sauna or swimming pool. Their inclusion is now widely regarded as fundamental to a resortís success and they are the single best relaxation resource that a business can provide. They offer exercise, a sense of wellbeing, and a boundless source of fun for all generations. Playing pool Adding the X factor and making the customer feel relaxed and de-stressed is what a good wet leisure facility is all about. A large part of that success begins at the planning and design stage. Get it right and the hotel or spa is well on the road to repeat business. Adding features, such as hydrotherapy jets and childrenís play features, can elevate a swimming pool from the ordinary and provide a whole new dimension. But it doesnít just begin and end with pools and spas. The world of wet leisure and wellness now incorporates a diverse range of thermal bathing experiences from the caldarium and steam bath to the tepidarium and laconium. Salt rooms, saunas, rasul mudrooms, hamams, foot spas and aromatherapy rooms are also becoming much more commonplace and popular.

SPATEX 2017 is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the design and construction of wet leisure facilities. With well over 100 Exhibitors from home and abroad, displaying everything from wet and dry safety flooring, new spas, saunas, water play features, pool enclosures to energy saving chemical control and heating and ventilation units, you can be sure to find what you are looking for, whether it is for commercial or domestic use. Itís the ideal hunting ground to source new products and innovations, explore new ideas and seek free training and expert advice.

Registraton is free and simple at www.spatex.co.uk and there are 2,000 free car parking spaces. Spatex is located within a two hour reach of the population.


SPATEX 2017 January 31st – February 2nd Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

01264 358558 | helen@spatex.co.uk | michele@spatex.co.uk |†www.spatex.co.uk†

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