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Hydrate in-house


As founders of the BRITA VIVREAU Table Water Bottling Systems 25 years ago, BRITA Vivreau products incorporate the latest advances in design, whilst eliminating the need to purchase pre-bottled mineral water. BRITA Vivreau clients bottle water in-house, which has proven an attractive business proposition for a nationwide portfolio of clients including several Michelin-starred restaurants. “A premium restaurant needs premium water,” explains Galvin La Chapelle Restaurant Manager, Antonio D’Agostino. “Brita Vivreau has had a very positive impact on Galvin La Chapelle. Our guests love this fantastic water, and we love the carbon footprint – it’s all very environmental. When asked what Galvin water is, we talk about the partnership with Brita Vivreau and the environmental reasons that encouraged us to choose this brand. In addition, the bottle design is well received. Many guests want to buy the Designer bottle as a souvenir – all in all, an offering that sets us apart from other restaurants.”
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