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A healthy relationship with design


Goddard Littlefair have completed the design of a boundary-changing health and wellness clinic for innovative healthcare practitioners One Stop Doctors.

The first One Stop Doctors clinic, in Hemel Hempstead, will set a new standard of excellence in the private healthcare sector.

Goddard Littlefair was commissioned for the project because of the consultancys expertise in designing high-end spas and wellness centres and creating the peaceful and reassuring atmosphere these require. The brief for the first One Stop Doctors clinic was to create an environment that embodied the instant premium touchpoints you might expect from a high-end service environment, whilst communicating the calm, soothing and welcoming feel of an obviously patient-centric experience, so that there is as little stress as possible at every stage of the patient journey through the space.


The clinic is set within a two-storey purpose-built building and is a light-filled, airy space, arranged around an open, central courtyard. The interior layout, look and feel were all created as part of an intense consultation process between Goddard Littlefair and One Stop Doctors, aimed at creating a highly-differentiated leader brand within this marketplace for the first of a planned series of eight clinics to be located around the M25 corridor area.

We began the project by researching the private sector healthcare market in terms of look and feel, Goddard Littlefair Director and Co-founder Martin Goddard explained. We found that most clinics so far had followed the American model, with a very cool and clinical treatment throughout. Our emphasis was different for patients to experience a much higher level of design values, maximising the contribution of the environment towards promoting a sense of well-being and creating confidence in the clinical excellence they will experience.


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