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Concord Lighting brings the outside in

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A unique project featuring Concord luminaires has won a BBC News vote to find its readers’ favourite building on this year’s RIBA Stirling Prize shortlist. The ‘Outhouse’ project won 30 per cent of the vote thanks to its innovative design and energy efficient credentials.


Concord, the architectural lighting specialist, has worked with architects Loyn & Co, M&E Consultants Vitec and Forest Eco Systems, a full-service M&E installation and eco-building specialist, to create a truly stunning home in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The ‘Outhouse’ sits within four acres and has panoramic views of the Wye Valley, and sits within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. Its modern interior features a number of Concord’s stylish and energy efficient LED luminaires including Beacon Muse, LyteLab and Glace that enhance the living space and provide working studio areas.


“The proposal involved replacing the existing house, with a new highly sustainable, energy efficient dwelling,” comments James Stroud, project designer, from Loyn & Co. “The brief was to create a live-work dwelling specific to both the site and to the client’s needs. This included their passion for the landscape and environment along with their requirement for two artist’s studios and a gallery like space. The building was to be contemporary and to respond sensitively and yet positively to the site, creating a timeless, quality architectural solution which will contribute both to the immediate locality and to the wider rural area in general.”


For Loyn & Co the natural environment played an important part of its design and the dwelling is actually cut into the slope of the hillside, with the field above becoming a highly insulated roof for the property. The footprints of the three existing buildings have been used as the outside courtyard spaces and are now surrounded by the new the interior space, which includes a central gallery and studios. The inside is now outside, the outside is now inside hence the project’s working title ‘Inside Outside House’.

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Supplementing natural daylight, the lighting products have been specifically chosen to create the desired ambience within the living spaces, gallery and also deliver the required light levels for working areas. For example, in the artist studios adjustable beam and dimmable 3000k colour temperature Concord Lytelab spotlights have been installed, alongside Lumiance Lumipanel 4000k LED panels, to provide balanced illumination suitable for creating delicate works of art.


Meanwhile, in the gallery spaces Concord Beacon Muse 3000k LED fixtures highlight the stunning pictures on display, utilising an optic system which offers the flexibility for wide flood 65? beam angle which can be adjusted down to a 10? spot without the need for additional lenses or reflectors, ideal for illuminating varying sized paintings, in highly individual applications.


The living areas feature the Concord Glace dimmable pendant luminaires and Lumiance Inset Trend recessed downlights incorporating Sylvania’s RefLED 360 lumen lamps to provide a striking yet comfortable environment in keeping with the overall design.


Finally, the entrance is lit by the Concord Cassini, which is IP65 rated, resistant to dust and water ingress making it perfect for the transition spaces between outside and inside.


“This is no ordinary home and, due to its architectural design, the Concord products complement the design perfectly,” comments James. “We have achieved our goal of creating an energy efficient home and work space.”


The new home incorporates sustainable technologies such as whole house ventilation with ground to air heat exchanger, solar thermal, photo voltaics and rainwater harvesting. Upon completion the house recorded airtightness of 0.49 h-1@50Pa well below the threshold for Passivhaus standards.



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