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Identifying light

Highly praised by design experts, with its striking design, state-of-the-art technology and high lighting and product quality, the ID luminaire series with spotlights, recessed and suspended luminaires, combines the demands of attractively designed retail and display lighting showcasing the products with a particularly wide range of LED light colours, including special light colours for the illumination of products that optimises their inherent colours. Within the product range BÄRO positions the ID luminaires as top models that make a design and technology statement. With its striking and elegant design the ID luminaire series has a distinctive look. The asymmetry of the lighting head and harmonious transitions between round and angular shapes are characteristic of luminaires designed by brains4design from Munich. Compact dimensions, a high-quality feel and the interplay of materials make handling the ID luminaires a pleasure. The ID series is geared to the professional illumination of retail architecture and exhibitions and the creation of shopping experiences. As a flexible system with several power ratings, light distribution patterns and the unique variety of 12 different LED spectrums that is specific to BÄRO, ID offers a lighting solution tailored to every requirement.

www.baero.com | Photos: BÄRO

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