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Qualities of bamboo

paolo.interiors, the specialist architectural materials consultancy, introduce Floorbamboo® to the UK, as part of their on-going search for new and innovative materials. Celebrated for its enduring and sustainable properties, bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular choice for sustainability-conscious projects and clients. The ancient bamboo plant, often referred to as ‘nature’s steel’, is a symbol of strength and durability. ‘Floorbamboo’ is a result of research and technology to enhance and celebrate the qualities of bamboo by developing aesthetic, sustainable, affordable and durable flooring and wall cladding solutions. The bamboo canes are treated, prepared and carefully hand-finished and transported to Italy for quality control and certification to meet European standards. Each piece is carefully selected and imported once it reaches 5-6 years of age and is taken through a treatment of steaming and drying to improve stability. This process enforces the durability of ‘Floorbamboo®’, creating a finished flooring that is up to three times harder than any wood flooring and suitable for indoor/outdoor residential use, as well as commercial projects with high traffic. With the number of oak forests reducing, and the time required for their regeneration, bamboo is certainly the material of choice for the future.

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