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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Frequency print launched by Woven Image

Woven Image

Now in its 30th year, Woven Image is paying homage to its past with the addition of five new colourways to its very first EchoPanel® print design Frequency. The Frequency design remains a Classic Woven Image signature 10 years since its first release. The textural nature of the pattern ensures its versatile use across many interior spaces and has been designed to repeat double sided across one standard full sized 12mm EchoPanel®. The original development of successfully printing onto EchoPanel®, has opened a huge array of possibilities in terms of colour, design and customisation. The printed EchoPanel® Woven Image collection now consists of 11 stocked designs in various colourways. The five new colours of Frequency are designed to inject colour into the existing neutral palette. Utilising recently released additional EchoPanel® base colours, Frequency in 12mm is now available in silver on magenta, citrus yellow on smoke, champagne pearl on denim, white on sage and white on frost. Whether used as a replacement for textile covered tiles in workstation systems, or as a lighter, more flexible partitioning system, EchoPanel® Frequency allows greater flexibility with the addition of directional on-trend colourways.
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