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Abstract light from TP24

tp24, innovators of LED lighting solutions, have recently launched the G30 Abstract range of linear LED light fittings, which is a system based lighting solution offering advanced simplicity and design flexibility. The system’s narrow arms are illuminated with LED ribbon and act as independent light bulbs, which run on 240v mains voltage, with differing wattages per arm, ranging between 5 and 18w depending on the effective arm length. These arms or ‘linear light bulbs’ are connected to a series of different fixtures and wall plates via a 2-pin system, referred to as G30. The G30 arms are a simple ‘plug and play’ solution for Linear LED and as they are mains voltage, have no polarity. Abstract LED arms have built-in drivers and integrated circuit dimming, and as housed on the same 2-pin G30 connector system, it is easy to alter the look of your fitting, simply by changing the orientation of the arm. In addition, if so desired the arms can be simply removed by the consumer and replaced or swapped for an alternative arm design. A wide selection of base frames are available with Abstract, including Flush frames which are ideal for low ceilings.
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