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Smart homes with Basalte designs

Basalte offers a stunning range of high-end products for the smart automated home, crafted from top-quality materials that create a refined design.

Basalte offers a stunning range of high-end products for the smart automated home

When at 100% Design, be sure to stop by Basalte, the Belgian manufacturer of design switches and products for home automation systems. Basalte has an exclusive product portfolio for high-end residential projects worldwide. Today, it works with top designers and customers in more than 60 countries.


When designing products, Basalte looks for an emotional connection. The products should not only look and feel good, they should also be intuitive and fun in use. The combination of high-quality materials with strong design, results in a timeless product range that is handmade in Belgium.


Luxury finishes
Basalte is known for its unique design switches, which are entirely touch-sensitive to intuitively control lights, shades, HVAC and even music. The timeless design and finishes means that Basalte switches can blend with almost every architectural style.

Available in a wide range of materials, ranging from contemporary aluminium, classic bronze and copper, to the unique ‘fer forgé’ finishes, which are hand textured, Basalte offers 16 high quality finishes for creating the perfect switch plate. Basalte also offers minimalist wall and table mounts for iPads, made of high-grade aluminium. These ‘Eve’ mounts keep the iPad continuously charged in a safe, sleek solution, perfect for residential, commercial or hospitality projects that require the touch pad technology. Basalte will also present Auro at 100% Design, a fast and intelligent motion sensor, which is almost invisible, thanks to its innovative flat design.

Basalte is also known for its high-end multi-room audio solution that directly integrates with KNX home automation and includes Spotify, Deezer and more. The Basalte team will be on hand at 100% Design to talk to visitors about these design options.


Design awards
Over the past nine years, Basalte has been awarded with more than 35 international design awards in recognition of the continuous commitment to accessible technology and qualitative design. Basalte continues on this path and emphasises the importance of a perfect installation of its products. That is why Basalte products are only sold through local certified partners. The Basalte concept house in Belgium is a great example of how home automation technology and high-end design go hand in hand to create unique user experiences.


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