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Deanswood, the modern manufacturer

Deanswood Interiors has become known as one of the best curtain makers in the UK today, reflected in its brilliant attention to detail and designer satisfaction.


The Deanswood team follows the DiDii system, a quality control computer based format, designed by the directors, to deliver curtains and blinds to a first-class standard.


Deanswood Interiors has experienced a great period of growth in the last six years since brothers, David and Keith Porter, took over the business from their retired parents. Now, as joint Managing Directors, they are carving a new and exciting path for the brand. The ethos of the company has always been to listen carefully to what each designer has to say about a project, advise if necessary, ensure that delivery is on time and complete the work to exacting standards.
This ethos continues to reign supreme as the brothers ensure that Deanswood is competitively placed and up to date with the latest in technology, materials and design advancements.


An important part of the Deanswood Interiors service is in the attention given to each aspect of its service and this is where the team excels. The Deanswood team follows the DiDii system, a quality control computer based format, designed by the directors, to deliver curtains and blinds to a first-class standard.


DiDii stands for Deanswood Interiors Ė Detail in installation. The system has helped contribute to the growth of the company over the past six years and is something the entire team is very proud of (deanswood.co.uk/about/didii-system/)


Last year, David and Keith purchased a factory in Rochester, a larger set-up, which, due to the buildingís very high eaves, allows for the manufacture of extra large curtains. In addition, the Deanswood Interiorsí directors and team have paid particular attention to the changes in the manufacture and supply of curtains and blinds and accoutrements within the industry. It continues to be important for the company and its employees to recognise advancements and to connect with suppliers, utilising new services and products accordingly. Home automation has been one of the biggest shifts, with end users now able to control a large amount of their interiors from their tablets and phones. With this in mind, Deanswood interiors stepped up and rose to the challenge, creating automated blinds to fit into the most high-tech of homes and interiors.


Deanswood also recognises the continued importance of a strong digital presence. Improvements and additions to its website ensures it is fully responsive and optimised for tablet and mobile phone use.


The way people use the Internet has shifted dramatically in the time that Deanswood Interiors has existed as a business. To ensure that the business stays at the top of designersí go-to lists, it has paid close attention and continues to innovate with its service and options for online browsing and ordering, making the process as smooth and easy as ever before for time-conscious interior designers.


The move into its own larger factory and updates to its website has enabled the company to take on more staff and grow in many other ways. Deanswood has also enlisted the help of its suppliers with the prompt delivery of automotive products that relate to windows and the latest technology. All of these factors combined means that Deanswood interiors is well equipped to handle project commissions for 2018 and beyond.


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