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Lighting advice from Dernier & Hamlyn

Beautiful, bespoke lighting does not have to be as expensive as you may think, according to Jeremy Quantrill, managing director of Dernier & Hamlyn, “Having products specially commissioned is often highly desirable but can be considered impractical within budgetary constraints. Whether you are talking furniture, carpets, artwork or lighting, bringing a personal touch makes the setting exclusive in every sense of the word.”


“With lighting, bespoke doesn’t necessarily have to blow the budget.”

“It is often assumed that this comes with a high price tag, but with lighting, bespoke doesn’t necessarily have to blow the budget. We spend a lot of our time working with designers to produce lighting that meets their aesthetic and practical requirements cost-effectively.


“We have worked on hundreds of projects around the world where the interior designer’s initial idea cannot be achieved with the money they have to spend. So, we talk with them about what’s important and we come up with solutions that meet requirements but are less expensive.


“Often it’s by adapting the manufacturing methods that are employed, so that products can be created more quickly, resulting in reduced costs.


Modifications can be made to the design, which do not change the overall look and feel, but, for example, reducing the amount of materials needed or the number of processes involved can result in significant price reductions, especially where this is replicated for a large commission.


“Or by looking at the lamps used we can often cut how many fittings are needed to provide the required light levels and quality. Frequently we can replace an especially costly material with something that looks similar but is much less expensive by using finishing techniques that give it the effect of, say, solid brass or copper, when in fact it is much cheaper, and easier to install, lightweight aluminium.


“Next time you are thinking about lighting, consider carefully what you’re aiming to accomplish and whether there are ways to get there that are outside of usual thinking. And if you need help give us a call, we relish a challenge and will be delighted to talk through your aspirations and how we might be able to help you achieve them.”


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Bespoke Lighting from Dernier & Hamlyn on Vimeo.

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