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Evolution of Tradition

A celebration of excellence, craftsmanship & creativity in furniture making runs from 2 – 5 October 2018. Design Centre Chelsea Harbour presents Evolution of Tradition.


evolution of tradition
Carbon Fibre Lounge Tub Chair by Tim Gosling, Evolution of Tradition – Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour


The exhibition represents an exciting collaboration between The Furniture Makers’ Company, a City of London livery company and Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, the world’s premier design destination. These two design bastions will come together for the first time to host a selling exhibition of luxury furniture designed and made purely by Bespoke Guild Mark holders.




The Bespoke Guild Mark, awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company, is the ultimate accolade for designer-makers, recognising excellence in design, materials, craftsmanship and function for exquisite pieces of furniture.



evolution of tradition
Relics Triptych by Marc Fish, Evolution of Tradition – Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour


Transforming an idea into reality takes passion, invention and vision; from seeing the potential of materials and respect for artisan processes to an openness to innovation. This curated exhibition will present a range of work of astonishing breadth, scope and artistic merit; with simple forms and strong silhouettes, many have a more modern pulse.




An impressive rollcall of established designer-makers and new talent from the vibrant British craft scene include Matthew Burt, Byron & Gómez, Jonathan Field, Marc Fish, Tim Gosling, Alun Heslop, Edward Johnson, John Makepeace OBE, Rupert McBain, Laurent Peacock, Jake Phipps, Angus Ross, Rupert Senior, Katie Walker and Waywood.

evolution of tradition
Hoop Chair by Katie Walker, Evolution of Tradition – Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour


Attracting top designers, architects, international collectors and style-seekers, the ‘Evolution of Tradition’ curated exhibition will be an opportunity for visitors to gain a greater understanding of how one-of-a-kind designs are conceived and made, as well as acquire unique work. In an increasingly fast-paced world, experience the beauty and creativity of time honoured skills from masters of their craft.




Generating a deeper understanding of design is at the heart of a specially curated events programme, from talks to workshops, demonstrations and discovery tours.


evolution of tradition
Ankhor by John Makepeace. Evolution of Tradition – Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour



Claire German, managing director, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour commented, “Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour believes in the importance of investing in future talent and specialist skills. We support creative expression across the design agenda and we’re delighted to host ‘Evolution of Tradition’ showcasing the work of bespoke British furniture makers, in association with The Furniture Makers’ Company.”



evolution of tradition
Ethereal desk, Marc Fish. Evolution of Tradition exhibition at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour


Richard Williams, Bespoke Guild Mark Chairman, The Furniture Makers’ Company, added, “With its strong roster of designer-makers, all brilliant, renowned names, ‘Evolution of Tradition’ will undoubtedly be an unmissable event for buyers that demonstrates the world-class mastery of Bespoke Guild Mark holders.”



“Every piece put forward for a Bespoke Guild Mark is stringently vetted and examined to ensure every aspect of the piece is well considered and represents the absolute pinnacle of British craftsmanship. Buyers will be hard-pushed to find another exhibition of designs from a collective of so many accomplished designer-makers.”


evolution of tradition
Forth Bench by Angus Ross. Evolution of Tradition – Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour


Opening times: 9.30am – 5.30pm. Free entry.


Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour
Lots Road
SW10 0XE

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