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Ask The Designers: On Luxury Flooring

Interior Designer magazine asked it’s panel of designers – how do you balance clients’ expectations for luxury flooring with practical, sustainable and budget appropriate options?


luxury flooring
Natalia Miyar


Natalia Miyar, Founder, Natalia Miyar Atelier
“Rugs are an essential element when designing a home, and there are some wonderful broadloom options on the market where the square metre costs are much lower than a hand knotted area rug. Many suppliers will cut and bind the edges of broadloom to custom fit the room size, which gives the option of using this product as an area rug instead of simply wall- to-wall carpeting. Where this can make the greatest impact is in a large room where the correct size area rug might quickly deplete the budget. A common design error is installing a rug that is too small for the room, proper rug size is critical to anchor the furniture and give a cosy and inviting feel underfoot.” 


luxury flooring
Suzy Hoodless



Suzy Hoodless, Founder, Suzy Hoodless
“The interior designer and client relationship is all about trust. You have to build up trust with your client and I have to get to know my client, understanding what’s right both aesthetically and practically. I want homes to be timeless and modern, that way they are sustainable as they have longevity.  We always use natural materials, hardwearing and robust.  Flooring needs to be the best quality the budget allows.  We work alongside our suppliers to specify the appropriate materials because it has to sit well in the architecture.”


luxury flooring
Yvonne Jones



Yvonne Jones, Founder, Chameleon Interiors
“In the luxury residential market it has become standard to use natural products such as stone, marble and hardwood flooring; but we are all aware of the earth’s diminishing natural resources. As a designer I am acutely aware of how important it is to use alternative materials such as coconut palm and sugar palm flooring. These plants mature quickly and are easy to grow; they are durable and typically as hard as mahogany. Wonderfully, natural cork is back; it’s inexpensive, easy to install and my go to product for budget installations. Cork is derived from particular oak trees and harvesting does not harm the tree and it’s recyclable. However, my ‘can’t resist’ product has to be wool, which is available in every price range and quality; it’s easy to sustain and we don’t have to harm the animal to use the product.”



luxury flooring
Steven Pepper



Steven Pepper, Lead Interior Designer, Suna Interior Design
“We don’t ever set out to spec a ‘luxury’ floor, we set out to spec the floor that’ll be the best solution for the design we’ve created for our client. Whilst design is clearly important to us, practicality is paramount. We want to see our schemes installed exactly the way we designed and specified them – that will only happen if we spec a product that actually works, will stand the test of time and come in on budget. Style without substance, or luxury for luxury’s sake is the antithesis of sustainable design.”


luxury flooring
Francesca Henley


Francesca Henley, Associate Director, Interiors, Volume
“I always like to spend time with clients talking through their vision and sharing samples from an early stage. I find it easier to workshop with physical samples rather than just visuals and images so a client can can really understand the quality of the product. There are so many great options available to be able to create a luxury aesthetic with in budget just by simply playing with scale, pattern and colour. Sustainability in the products we use or companies we work with is always at the forefront of our minds. A sustainable, practical and budget-friendly flooring can also be luxurious and beautiful, it’s just about how you deliver it.”
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luxury flooring
Ros Wilson


Roselind Wilson, Founder & Creative Director, Roselind Wilson Design
“Our clients expect that we, as experts, know which products perform well and which brands they can trust. They trust us to specify products with exceptional performance capability without having to ask us to, although they do ask questions about products if, for example, the choice comes down to budget. When it comes to flooring, we give exceptional attention to considerations around functionality and product performance. For example, different types of stone vary enormously in terms of their qualities and maintenance requirements. We listen closely to our clients’ specific requirements in order to recommend a product that is suitable for their needs in terms of functionality, lifestyle and aesthetic.”



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