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Enchanting natural Irish green marble

Antolini was recently able to showcase its Irish green marble recently in this bedroom project, designed by Alessandro La Spada.


Irish green marble

Green triumphs in Irish Green marble for the two related rooms created by designer Alessandro La Spada: one bedroom in precious material and an intimate and essential wardrobe space.



In the bedroom, a continuous backlit panel in Irish Green wraps the large double bed like a soft fabric. Emphasising the bright tones of green, emeralds and yellow, the panel serves as a nightstand and headboard, then rises into a large iridescent area, and finally reaches the ceiling, creating great intimacy to the space. Thanks to the natural treatment and a lack of direct light, the Irish Green walls soften the bold personality of the bedroom, introducing a contemporary hidden space reserved for the wardrobe area.


Irish green marble


Irish Green is a marble that glorifies in shades of green, displaying uneven colouring and shading that passes from dark to light. Part of the Antolini range, it displays some whitish veins and others in a translucent apple colour that makes this a unique stone in the world. This geologically ancient stone was used by Renaissance architects to bring the colours of the fields and the forests to the splendid palaces they adorned with magnificent works that are still admired today by tourists from around the world.



Thanks to its varied veining, Irish Green allows unusual patterns to be created and makes any work absolutely unique and unrepeatable.



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