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Nature’s own, from Junckers

Nothing makes a bigger impact on a room than the floor and Junckers solid oak Herringbone flooring is a classic, elegant choice that suits most interior styles.




The geometric pattern in combination with the warm, natural beauty of oak creates a timeless backdrop to any room. Made in solid hardwood, the best that money can buy, each stave stems from a tree aged and shaped by the weather and seasons for the best part of a century. It’s this maturity that gives the timber its natural elegance as well as its durability.





The structural grain patterns made by nature cannot be replicated – a Junckers floor looks and feels ‘real’ and it will outlast any part-hardwood product. Wood has a natural, positive impact on indoor climate. The temperature in a room will remain more or less constant as the wood itself retains heat. Junckers floors are ideal for use over underfloor heating, tried and tested by all major companies.



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