Junckers All-White Flooring

Junckers All-White Flooring

All-White Flooring

An all-white interior is not necessarily stark and minimalist, it can also be soft and welcoming. Depending on colour tone, plank width, grain pattern and finish, a white wooden floor can look rustic, coastal or minimalist.

A general rule of thumb is while a uniform finish using wider plank floorboards will give a more striking look, a white wooden floor which has more texture, more variation in the wood grain and between staves in the floorboards will give a softer, more textured look.

Junckers’ white wooden floors have an attractive, white-washed look, where the natural wood grain remains visible. Pre-finished with the popular white treatment as well as a choice of oil or matt lacquer, Junckers’ white wooden floors are ready to walk on as soon as they are installed, no need for time consuming on-site sanding and sealing. An all-natural wood floor feels warm and reassuringly solid to walk on and Junckers’ floors are ideal for use over underfloor heating.

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Rebekah Killigrew
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