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The Office Awaits, according to Formica

New research by Formica Group has found that the majority of office workers are looking forward to a workplace return.


A clear majority of Europeans (84%) are keen to have the office back in their lives, new research has found, after a year of widespread homeworking instigated by Covid-19. The findings are detailed in a comprehensive new report released by Formica Group.


Hundreds of workers in six European countries were questioned to understand the emotional and professional impacts of the last year, as well as their feelings ahead of a potential return to office working in 2021.


Jennifer Neale, Marketing Communications Manager at Formica Group, says: “As the path back to office-based work begins to take shape, this report provides crucial emotional context around our desire for shared spaces and professional experiences. It also reveals the depth and complexity of the challenges facing business across Europe. With some smart thinking and moves towards adaptable design, lightweight furniture, stringent cleaning regimes and guaranteed social distancing, the future of the office still looks like a long-term winner.”


The Office Awaits: Reinventing the Workplace for a Post-Pandemic Future, is published by Formica Group.


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