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Tæpper, hand-tufted luxury from Tsar Carpets

Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets has introduced the new Tæpper Collection, a series of hand-tufted rug designs made in collaboration with designer Michelle Macarounas of Infinite Design Studio.

Available from June 2021, the collection will be sold exclusively at TSAR’s studios in Melbourne, Sydney, New York, London, and Shanghai. As the founder of Infinite Design, a celebrated Sydney-based interior design firm best known for their residential and commercial projects, Macarounas’ work often references the timeless simplicity of Mid-Century Modernism, a design movement influenced in part by the functional principles ubiquitous to her origins of Scandinavia. (‘Tæpper’ is the Danish word for carpet.)
Featuring abstract designs inspired by the art and design of the mid-20th century —in particular, the object-mobile artwork of Alexander Calder — the collection’s sculptural graphics are enhanced by colourful dimension, adding a design-forward focal point for any room.

tsar carpets

Thanks to TSAR Carpet’s unparalleled manufacturing expertise combined with its passion for materiality and bold aesthetics, Macarounas and the Infinite Design team approached TSAR Carpets with a foundational brief for the collection, which was then conceived and realised by TSAR Carpets’ in-house team of knowledgeable and talented designers.

The TSAR Carpets team started the explorative process by physically cutting out shapes from paper and layering them on top of each other, which created an interesting interplay with negative space. This design exercise led to the inclusion of the abstract graphics and proportional height found in each of the final products, in which subtle change in pile density and fibres shifts to add dimension; the minimalist use of colour and pattern in each rug balances these techniques.

Each luxurious rug found in the Tæpper Collection is hand-tufted from the finest grade of 100 per cent New Zealand wool, which offers incredible durability and softness underfoot. The collection is available in the following four patterns and colourways: Lyserød (“Pink” in Danish); Monokromatisk (“Monochromatic” in Danish); Grøn (“Green” in Danish); and Fløde (“Cream” in Danish).



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