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Vicaima re-imagines veneers for tomorrow’s design

Vicaima continues to open doors for designers and architects looking for superlative quality interior door veneers.

Decorative wood veneers can trace their ancestry back thousands of years to early Egyptian times. In more recent centuries, the use of real wood veneers for interior doors have become synonymous with quality and their connection with the natural environment.
However, mother nature does have limitations, so when it comes to 21st century living, the desire to push boundaries in design can sometimes be curtailed either by the range of available veneers or by how sustainable they are. Now a new era of design freedom has emerged, with the almost unlimited Naturdor Range from Vicaima, re-imagining interior veneered doors for tomorrow.

With the introduction of Vicaima’s new Naturdor brochure, a vast array of real wood veneered door options has been revealed. Presenting specifiers, developers and designers with an unrivalled choice of grain configurations and tonal possibilities, together with textural feel and surface sheen options. If this were not enough, Vicaima have also expanded their ever-popular stained veneers and image enhanced veneer technology, creating an almost limitless array of opportunities for interiors, whether commercial or residential.

Traditionalists will enjoy the extensive selection of veneers, available in both Crown Cut and Quarter Cut options, together with an optional deep textured finish on selected veneers where desired. These can be further enhanced with the addition of either face grooves or decorative inlays to give that finishing touch and a sense of individuality.

However, for those looking for fresh inspiration, Vicaima have extended the selection of stained and imaged enhanced veneers with two new ranges in particular.

Naturdor Stained Extra builds upon the fashionable Exclusive EX70 collection, with a vertical or horizontal quarter cut stained Ash veneer in 3 contemporary matt shades: Warm Umber, Dark Taupe and Charcoal Brown. These doors can also include an optional V shaped decorative groove, finished in a complementary tone. For the more adventurous, Naturdor Vision offers a welcome and inventive spectrum from light to dark, for rooms and spaces where openings offer a focal point and comforting interaction with their surroundings; whether for living or working. Vision presents light and contemporary tonal signals typified by Fine Sand or Fresh Bamboo. Alternatively, for those seeking darker and more luxurious colour combinations, finishes such as Rich Mocha and Aged Walnut offer the perfect solution.

These inspiring veneer ideas and much more besides can all be seen in the New Vicaima Naturdor Range Brochure. Presenting contemporary design, quality manufacture and outstanding performance, all with the environmental peace of mind that comes with a fully certified FSC product.

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