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Certified sustainability from Junckers

There is a distinct shift within the interiors industry towards a more environmentally sustainable way of working, highlighted by, amongst others, of the Interior Designers Declare campaign. Any product and material specified for a project must have full environmental credentials, with responsible raw material sourcing, green manufacturing processes and a proven long lifespan. A solid hardwood floor from Junckers is made from timber sourced from managed forests, it lasts for generations, can be re-used and/or recycled and at the end of its long life it is biodegradable. Junckers uses every part of the tree with as little wastage as possible. Wood chip left over from flooring production is used to power the company’s on-site energy plant and surplus energy is sold to the local grid, making Junckers a carbon neutral company. Junckers has completed EPDs, Environmental Product Declarations, for its flooring, in addition to existing environmental and sustainability certification such as PEFC, FSC® and the Danish Indoor Climate label. A solid hardwood floor provides a healthy indoor environment, helps maintain an even temperature and minimise static from home appliances.

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